The kitchen is run by a trained chef, serving daily home-cooked meals. Our menus change every day and on a weekly rotation with alternative option, giving residents the ability to choose their own meals. The food is wholesome and nourishing with twice weekly orders in order to use fresh food.
Our staff are available at mealtimes to assist with or encourage eating so that everybody gets the most out of their food.


Our meals are based on healthy recipes using fresh ingredients and the menu is prepared in consultation with the resident and the nurse and/or hospital dietician/GP. If you have any special dietary requirements the nurse in charge assesses each time and gets specialist advice as required.


Should you require assistance with your meal, our care staff are on hand during mealtimes. This could involve full assistance or simple encouragement. Staff are trained in nutrition and will take the time to ensure you are able to enjoy your food and get the most from your diet.

We have a like& dislike list in order not to miss person centred approach.


Our menus change every day and always offer an alternative option, respecting your right to choose. Any dietary requirements can be taken into consideration and meals tailor-made to suit your needs, as well as your likes and dislikes.