We aim to provide a basis for our residents to feel stimulated, energetic and alive! Our activities run daily and are designed to include each and every person under our care. Some of our current activities are:

Thursday coffee meeting
Musicians and singers
Sunday church service
Joint exercises

We encourage participation in activities but we will never enforce it. If a resident would prefer to sit quietly and get some well-deserved down time, then our lounges and conservatory are fully equipped with television, CD, radio and DVD facilities.


Every Monday morning we provide music in our spacious lounge. Residents can relax and sing along to their favourite old songs after breakfast and before getting ready for lunchtime.


At St. John’s, we provide 1:1 hand massage in the conservatory every Tuesday morning. This calming treatment is the perfect way to spend the time between breakfast and lunch, and residents can relax into the massage while watching television.


On Wednesday mornings we offer group and 1:1 stretching. These can take place in the lounge and, for those who cannot get to the lounge, in rooms. The gentle exercises are designed to encourage movement and to keep residents mobile and independent. They are enjoyable and a great way to start the day, although some residents prefer to take a catnap instead!


Every Thursday we hold a coffee morning in the conservatory. This includes cakes, music, ball games and occasionally small animal-handling. Our residents love the opportunity to indulge their sweet tooth and to socialise with each other in such a lively atmosphere. Relatives are also very welcome to join us – the more the merrier!